With your Marketplace Seller Shop, or with your Personal Store site within BlueMoon Books.


Basic Seller Account (Marketplace Seller)

Sample of your sellers’ Marketplace Shop Store name:




1st Month is Free

$15.00 per month 

Pro Sellers Account (Your own store within BlueMoon-Books site

You are in charge of your whole store

Sample of your Personal Shop Store name:

Based on using a Subdomain as follows:


https:// (Your Store Name).bluemoon-books.com


As creating this store it uses a Subdomain Name, you do not need to buy a Domain Name. As it is a subdomain name.

Note: You build your store, your way. Not BlueMoon Books.

You will only have your products in your store only.


If you are daring!!!!!

1st Month is Free

$30.00 per month

You can go all out with, Your Private Store name. Thru us at BlueMoon-Books.com

As you will need to have your own domain name, as we can set you up with that. Domain name.com, will cost $12.95 per year for the Domain Name. With your own store, under BlueMoon-Books.com site, under our Multi-Store site. You will be in control of your entire site. (Not BlueMoon-Books).

As your store will only have (Your Store Name.com) and it will not have BlueMoon-Books.com as part of your store name, as above, using a subdomain name.


Note: You build your store, your way. Not BlueMoon Books.

You will only have your products in your store only.


Compared to Amazon Fees

Site versions above (Marketplace and Pro Seller), will use BlueMoon-Books.com credit card processing, (which is Stripe), and our shoping cart. As we pay you every 7 days, from the date of the sale.

In order to become a Vendor / Seller, you must first register as a Customer. Then Apply for Vendor / Seller Account, and we will update your account as Vendor / Seller. At that time you will be able to create your store.

If your monthly fee per plan is not paid monthly, your store will be closed, until your monthly plan payment is paid.

With either plan you decided to go with, you are in charge of your store. You list your Products, the product info. your price, and you ship those products to the customer that is buying from your store. (Note: BlueMoon Books, will not ship your product to your customer, that is ordering from you).

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Thank You for being a Vendor / Seller at BlueMoon Books,

Store Manager