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Betrayal of Americanism - The Cause of Financial and Economic Crisis By Hem Raj Jain

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        The on-going economic crisis of USA triggered by financial crisis of 2007 has engulfed the entire world in it. But people neither have succeeded so far in finding its solution nor are likely to succeed in any future for the simple reason that of late Americanism - which brought not only so much economic and military power to USA but also respect and love for Americans in the entire world - has been betrayed by Americans and they will not come out of this crisis unless they revert back to Americanism in spirit and especially in their conduct.

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        ISBN-13: 978-1-61500-004-3
        LCCN: 2010937401
        Publication date: October 2010
        Pages: 144
        Product dimensions: 6 x 9
        Genre: Political / Government
        Age: 16 and up