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The White Wolf Prophecy - Hall of Records - Book 2 - By LK Kelley

Paperback - Large Size - Signed Copy
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          The White Wolf Prophecy has been handed down through thousands of years through the O’Hara Clan as a forgery. No one knows who penned it; no one knows where the real scroll is, or even if it still exists.

          However, there is one place that may hold the scroll of the original White Wolf Prophecy. The Hall of Records is a mythological storehouse of Earth’s history and knowledge. Those who seek it say a legend locates it beneath the Great Sphinx on the Giza Plateau in Egypt. Others say it is myth, and does not exist. However, it does exist, but only a small, handful of trusted people in the world know of the location of The Hall of Records, and it bears no resemblance to the legend.

          If that isn’t enough, an unknown, secondary paper exists, and is the link to recasting the curse. And, if Zanack succeeds in finding it, he will change the life of everyone on Earth. It is a race between Zanack and Kaitlan to find it. But, his plots to destroy Kaitlan, Sarah, Lynne, and Anita may just backfire on him, and seal his doom!

          The four women have been granted the powers of the elements, and they will be called the Elementals. These powers only arise when the fate of the world is in danger of ending. There are always four; they are always women. Now, they are revealed once again to save the Earth. But, Zanack realizes he needs the elementals for his evil plan. Time is running out for him. It is not just the fate of Earth, but the fate of all universes that is at stake. The Elementals are the key to the destruction of Zanack. But could they become his pawns instead?

          The White Wolf Prophecy is no longer a fairy tale, but reality.

          ISBN-13: 978-1-61500-056-2
          Publication date: June, 2014
          Series: The White Wolf Prophecy
          Pages: 252
          Product dimensions: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2