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Vendors / Sellers, list your Products for sale

Dear, Vendor's / Sellers, Author's, and Craft makers, you can list your products in our own Marketplace Shop.


We are now accepting Sellers that wants to create their own store under us, here at BlueMoon Books, in our Marketplace Shops.

Even if we list your products for sale, as we buy from wholesalers....

You still can list your products for sale, as people will be able to buy from you, on your Marketplace store. As you will receive orders directly when customer buys from your store, and you will ship the product to the customers that buys from you.

Your products that you list will be displayed as sold by you, under your Marketplace store. As shown in picture below.

 Just list your own SKU (ID) product number, (If a SKU ID is already being used the system will let you know, as you will have to use a different one). that way the system will know who is selling that product. As no two products can have the same SKU ID.



Also you will have your own Marketplace shop. So, you can give people your store link as well.

Below is the list of Marketplace shops, displayed on our home page. That people will see the list of Marketplace shops that they can shop at. 

You create your own store logo as well.




If you been looking for a New site to list your products for sale, Register with us.

BlueMoon Books is now accepting application for, Vendor / (Seller) for our Marketplace shops, where you the Vendor / Seller,  whether your an Author, an Artist, or that you make Handmade crafts of any sort, you can create your own store, to sell your products.

We give you a new place to sell your goods.

You will need to have your own Inventory of your goods, which you list for sale on BlueMoon Books site.

When customers orders your products, you will receive an email that a customer bought your product(s). It is your responsibility to ship your order(s) to the customer that is ordering your product(s) on a timely matter.


Note: BlueMoon Books, does not ship the Vendor / Seller, Products to the customer.


Get setup as a Vendor / Seller, it's Free!

Register as a Customer. Then you can click on Apply to be a Vendor link, at the bottom of any site page. You must first be a registered customer to become a vendor / Seller.

If you are already a register customer, log in, then all you need to do is go to the bottom of any page, and click on Apply for Vendor.

After you apply for Vendor, we will update your account, to Vendor status, and we will notify you that you are now setup as a vendor, then you can start listing, and selling your Products.

It's that easy!


You are in charge of your own Product listing and pricing!

 What would I be able to do:

1) Create your own Store Name, and your own Store Logo
2) Add your Products and Photos
3) Control the Retail Price, and sale price of your Product
4) Create sales and discounts for your product
5) Create your own Product SKU (ID) number for your product...
6) You can sell New or used Products. (if you sell used, you will have to note that on your Product page so customers know what condition the item is in).

7) You will get your own store Dashboard 


What can I sell:

* Author Sell your Ebooks that you have created of your books

* Author sell your Books (Unsigned / Signed copies)

* Sell Books (New or Used)

* Handmade Crafts / (One of a Kind items)

* Artwork (Drawing / Painting)

* Jewlery

* Photos


You are in charge of your products that you list by you.


When a customer buys your product from your store, you will receive an email, that a customer bought your item. It is your responsibility to ship out the product that the customer ordered from you.


What will it cost to be a seller on BlueMoon Books site?

Read more, Selling on BlueMoon Books, our fee schedule

How can I get setup as a sellers to create my Marketplace Shop! 

Click Link Apply for Vendor / Seller Marketplace Shop


If you have any questions use the, My Ticket in your Account Profile.

Enjoy being a seller at BlueMoon Books,

Store Manager