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    A Journey Into The Spiritual Quest of Who We Are - Book 4: The Quantum Leap Into Consciousness

    SKU: 9780976783244 (Paperback)
    GTIN (ISBN / EAN / UPC): 9780976783244


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       Within this fourth and final installment of this series, A Journey into the Spiritual Quest of Who We Are:


      As Michael Kiser continues delving ever deeper, into the unknown, but also known. This journey continues to remove those veils of Illusions, as Mr. Kiser delves ever deeper than anyone has ever traverse into the realms of the Ancient Beings of the far distant past as Mr.Kiser travel's and learns about a much wider view of life and of learning of, Who We Are, as Mr. Kiser reawakens that knowledge which lies dormant within all of us, as we all come to brace and enter into our Quantum Leap into Consciousness, as we move out of our 3rd dimensional life towards our next step. As that step is entering in to the 4th and 5th dimensional existence, and as the earth makes her leap into her next dimensional existence as well, which is of the sixth dimension.


      This is our next Cycle of our existence, A Cycle that cannot be avoidable any longer.



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