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    Giants Gods and Lost Races: In Search of Ancient Man

    SKU: 9781530841127 Paperback
    GTIN (ISBN / EAN / UPC): 9781530841127


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      Giants Gods and Lost Races by Mary Sutherland It is beyond our comprehension that any of the story tales told to us as a youth could possibly be true. But what would you do if you were to learn that these stories may be based off events long ago forgotten in our history? Mary Sutherland, the author of "Giants Gods and Lost Races" takes you and your imagination back in time when giant humans walked the earth; Earthly rulers and gods were riding around on "flying carpets" warring with each other and - as the ancient people described- 'having battles by throwing thunder bolts back and forth.' "Giants Gods and Lost Races" takes you back to a time of 'celestial cities and air ships'; mountains rising from what seemed to be out of nowhere, destroying many and leaving others stranded on their snow covered peaks; strange gods and even stranger creatures walking around as half-man and half-animal. Up until only recently it was only through religious faith that we could even try to wrap our minds around God speaking to Moses from a burning bush or aiding him by parting a sea. Only through faith could we accept the creation stories; angels and fallen angels...even the concept of heaven or hell. "Giants Gods and Lost Races" is a compilation of several decades of research Mary Sutherland has dedicated her life to. It is her desire to challenge the readers' belief system and open his or her eyes to look outside the box and explore all the possibilities this life has to offer, as well as past and future life. After reading this book the reader will realize that we are never alone in life. We are surrounded by invisible beings that live in what Sutherland calls 'The Invisible Worlds. Yes, Margaret, faeries are real as are guardian angels and even earth angels; djinn; giants and little people; the hairy ones that some call Big Foot. Death is not to be feared or mourned, but a time of transition from one plane or dimension to another; reincarnation is a natural process of the soul incarnating back into another physical body to carry on its work and evolution...and you will all meet again. Sutherland, not only spends a lot of time out in the field doing research, but cramming through "Lost and Ancient Texts" that give close accounts of the War of the Gods, putting man right in the middle in an attempt to up the odds for successful battles. Just as today, the ancients watched the sky for the traveling back and forth of the gods flying about in their 'vimanas'. As you will see in this book, there is no doubt that these ancient people had a better understanding of flying crafts than we have today. "Giants Gods and Lost Races" will take you back to the time of Lemuria and Atlantis. It will explain the people; the cultures and religions. It will take you through their destruction and their attempt to rebuild the world after the great cataclysms. This book takes you through the Matriarchal or Nature Religions into and through the Patriarchal Religions. It was a time of beauty and magic on one side of the coin, yet on the other side a time of darkness, blood-letting and repression, both physically and spiritually.


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