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    Litecoin Crypto Commemorative | Blockchain (1 oz Copper Round) Coin

    1oz. .999 Fine Copper, Solid Copper (Rounds) Coin (Not Plated). ---- Comes in a clear Protective Plastic Capsule. Coin year Issue Date 2021
    SKU: LCC-Blockchain-2021
    GTIN (ISBN / EAN / UPC): LCC-Blockchain-2021


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        Presentation Gift Box for 1oz Round





        Availability: Only 3 Left In Stock - Order Soon - More on the way.

        Coin Mintage: .999 1 oz. Copper

        Retail Price: $15.00
        i h
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        Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency like any other form of virtual currency and it uses an open-source software platform. Litecoin was the first spinoff from Bitcoin to enter the market and earned the moniker altcoin, or alternative coin, at a time when only Bitcoin existed as an alternative.

        The obverse of Litecoin Crypto Commemorative Copper Rounds features an image of the Litecoin logo. The logo and symbol for Litecoin are one and the same, unlike some other forms of cryptocurrency. The design uses a capital L, similar to how fiat currencies use singular letters, and it includes a small hash on a 45-degree angle through the long arm of the L.

        On the reverse side of 1 oz Litecoin Crypto Commemorative Copper Rounds is an image of the Crypto Commemorative design theme. This theme debuted in 2011 with the first-ever release of a crypto-themed round. This first silver round was issued in honor of Bitcoin, and has been used to celebrate other forms of cryptocurrency in the decade since that release.

        Litecoin may be the second form of cryptocurrency ever introduced, but its market capitalization is far off that of some of its newer competitors. Currently, as of early 2022, Litecoin is the 23rd largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, with an estimated value of just $9.5 billion.

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