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    Mary Magdalene Beckons: Join the River of Love ( Magdalene Teachings #1 ) by Mercedes Kirkel

    SKU: 9780984002955
    GTIN (ISBN / EAN / UPC): 9780984002955


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    In this multi-award-winning book of Feminine guidance and spiritual truths, Mary Magdalene gives the essentials for living in the heart. Guiding readers in uniting the Feminine and Masculine, healing body shame, the sacredness of sexuality, and emotional mastery, Mary brings us the "other half" of Yeshua's (Jesus's) teaching. 10 illustrations.


    Experience Mary Magdalene as a rising teacher in today's spiritual arena. Through 25 insightful messages, Mary focuses on issues that often aren't addressed by spiritual leaders -- uniting the Feminine and Masculine, healing body shame, the sacredness of sexuality, and emotional mastery -- explaining how these are essential for living in the heart. Mary's universal teaching, paired with the author's clarifying commentary, makes this award-winning book a treasure-trove of Feminine guidance and spiritual truths.

    Mary describes her partnership with Yeshua (Jesus) as loving equals, including being co-teachers for their shared work. Mary's role was to bring the Feminine aspect of their teaching, which they knew the world wouldn't be ready to receive for 2000 years. In sharing her long-hidden teaching, Mary shows us what it is to be a powerful, spiritual woman in complete union with her beloved male partner (Yeshua) and the Divine Masculine.

    MARY MAGDALENE BECKONS was birthed over a one month period, when Mary Magdalene came daily to author Mercedes Kirkel with her extraordinary messages. Kirkel soon realized Mary was downloading a book, chapter by chapter, with Mary and Yeshua as the inspiring models. Whether you're new to Mary Magdalene's path or a longtime admirer of hers, MARY MAGDALENE BECKONS is a gift to your soul.

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