The Love Manifesto By Sean Arlt

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The Love Manifesto is the first book to present the perennial philosophy in a poetic, as well as, politically motivating form. It encapsulates the ageless wisdom of the saints, while making complex philosophical and metaphysical concepts accessible to readers of every age. By incorporating quotes from all of the major religions and philosophical traditions of the world, the work is able to find cohesion and agreement between systems that collectively represent over ninety percent of the world's population. In short, The Love Manifesto delivers a psychological, political and spiritual message that is capable of addressing the concerns of readers from nearly every cultural while simultaneously promoting a cosmopolitan philosophy that is capable of bringing peace to the world.

ISBN-13: 978-1-61500-037-1
LCCN: 2012951899
Publication date: July 2013
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6 x 9
Genre: Poetry / Spirituality / Philosophy
Age: 14 and up

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