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The White Wolf Prophecy - Mating - Book 1 By LK Kelley

Mass Market Paperback - Small Size
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        The White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy

        The White Wolf Prophecy was long known by the Clan of O'Hara - except for Kaitlan O'Hara. Kaitlan was an editor for Seneca Publishing House owned by her Father, Canaan. Knowing that her life was in danger from an enemy by the name of Zanack, Canaan sent Kaitlan to edit the book of their best-selling author, Cordone Valon, who lives deep in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Kaitlan was not looking forward to it . Or as Kaitlan so colorfully puts it:
        "Forget 'Neverland'. This was a trip into 'Nowhereland'."

        She resented her Father insisting she go to the one man she despised above all others. Yet, she had never met him in person! And, worse? She was sent the day before her birthday!

        Her twenty-seventh birthday marks her entrance into the supernatural world of which she had no knowledge. When Canaan is murdered, Cordone is left with having to tell Kaitlan about who she really is.


        Their passion is all consuming. Their mating, fast and furious. From the moment she discovered who, and what, she was, everything changed.

        In order for the prophecy to come true, and an ancient "curse" broken, Kaitlan, and her three best friends, Sarah, Anita, and Lynne, must mate.

        Who is The One called Zanack? He killed Kailtan's Mother, and more Clan females are dying. They have to find who it is and stop him. The secret is in the ancient scroll of the Prophecy which has been missing for thousands of years. Unknown by all is that there were two scrolls, and the only one ever found was a forgery....

        ISBN-13: 978-1-61500-050-0
        Publication date: February, 2014
        Series: The White Wolf Prophecy
        Pages: 304
        Product dimensions: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2