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    A Journey Into The Spiritual Quest of Who We Are - Book 1: The Reawakening By Michael Kiser

    Paperback | Marketplace Seller: DragonEye Publishing
    SKU: 9780976783213 DEP
    GTIN (ISBN / EAN / UPC): 9780976783213
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      Author Michael Kiser,

      Terra, known as Earth is moving forward. She is making her Quantum leap into the Fourth / Fifth Dimensions of her existence … Are you ready to move with HER?

      The New Beginning… Which is at hand. Or should I say, at our mere THOUGHTS, as you will see, throughout this series.

      As you journey with Kiazer on this path of forbidden Knowledge that the Ancient Cultures of the past 100,000 years ago once had… You will come to learn what’s in store for us in the New Millennium…

      You’ll also learn about, our Quantum Leap and our Spiritual Reawakening as we all journey into the Fourth / Fifth Dimensional shift…

      The Human Race is about to learn Who They Really Are…