A Journey Into The Spiritual Quest of Who We Are - Book 3: The Knowledge that was once Forbidden by some of the Ancient Beings By Michael Kiser (Paperback DEP)

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As Mr. Kiser continues on his Journey of revealing to you (the Human Species) all the secrets of what has been considered forbidden by some of those Ancient beings of our distant past. As you are on this path with Mr. Kiser you are ever delving deeper into the forbidden knowledge as it becomes even more treacheries as it delves within the very core of ones owns origins of life itself and of our place here on the world that has been called by many names. Now as one travels down any path of life one begins to ask of them selves who am I really, what’s in control of my life, what is life real about? This Journey unravels those questions of this world and the worlds around this world. As you continue on this journey all Beings will come to learn we are responsible for all those THOUGHTS, which we had created. And you’ll see how thought, is responsible for all Creations, of past, present and of the future.


Once you learn, to accept, that all your THOUGHTS, had Created all those Creations, of Beings of good and evil, and all those events, that went along with them.


As you begin to understand that you cannot separate what is called, good and evil, you will learn that this cannot be separated from us, because it is the very essence, which is part of all life, and through learning of this Essence of our Existence. You will then, become that Spiritual Being, realizing who we really are.


Then one can, Truly say, they have attained the True Knowledge, of Life in addition to learning of whom they Really Are.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9767832-3-7 (Paperback)
ISBN 13: (EBook)
Publisher: DragonEye Publishing
Publication date: April 1, 2005
Series: A Journey Into The Spiritual Quest of Who We Are
Series Number: Book 3
Pages: 110
Product dimensions: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Genre: Spirituality / Ancient Civilizations
Age: 14 years and up

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